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Passion:  Getting the job done efficiently; seeing goals reached; maximizing potential in accomplishment; value order and structure. 

Primary fears:  Being inefficient and ineffective; chaos; emotionalism; waste.

Spiritual connection/voice of God:  Tend to see God and hear from God in the big picture of things; they like to see and understand all the pieces and when things “come together,” it is God; they don’t want to be pressured into a tight time or space of hearing but like to be able to manage their walk with God in an orderly way; God is in it when things are working out; minimal emphasis on the “experiential” side of hearing God. 

Relationship characteristics:  Relationships fit more into a practical model of life; they are to be functional and fair; vertical is comfortable to them because it is practical and effective; family is significant in that they have a greater authority and responsibility in those relationships but strong emotionalism is not real comfortable. 

Conflict:  Conflict happens and should be managed toward the best end.  

Task orientation:  Effective completion of task is life; it provides the basis for people to come together and to create something that is greater than any one individual; it is the natural outworking of all the good that God would accomplish on the earth.

Possessions:  Possessions are tools; they can be symbols of success and thus held more closely; mostly they are something that is used to get to God’s desired end.

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