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The exhorter

Passion:  Vision; seeing a preferred future come to pass; coming alongside others to see them reach their potential; taking on any challenges that would stand in the way of this maximized potential. 

Primary fears:  Missing the moment; exhorters want to make the most of every opportunity and desire to live life to its fullest; they hate missing anything that would have made for a better life for them or for those they are trying to influence; they fear not being who they need to be to make things happen.

Spiritual connection/voice of God:  Like so many things in life, the voice of God is hard to pin down for them; they are constantly sensing, but always wanting more information and input to be sure of themselves as having heard from God; they tend to “sense” and not hear; they are passionate worshipers.

Relationship characteristics:  They are extremely horizontal in relationship; they want all people on a level playing field and only bow to the need for vertical relationships when it is absolutely needed for function; are friends with all people but find it difficult to build the closer, more intimate relationships because it is hard for them to pin down exactly who they are on the inside; they are always changing according to who they are with.

Conflict:  They typically hate and avoid conflict unless they can clearly see that it is a means to some kind of positive future; in that case, conflict is of secondary importance as the goal is pursued; they want to be able to get along with all people all the time.

Task orientation:  Task is seen in light of maximizing people’s futures; relationship is typically preferred over task, but where task has a clear practical value, the exhorter can and will plunge headlong into it; they seldom do anything halfway; once into the task, they tend to go to excess until it is completed; tend to have one focus at a time and if it is task, it is task.

Possessions:  Possessions are of minimal value to an exhorter; they are a means to an end; if practical—great; if not—forget them; there is usually minimal attachment to them.

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