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The mercy person

Passion:  Compassion; faithfulness; enduring relationships; being with others in a way that affirms and blesses them.

Primary fears:  Broken relationship; any kind of harshness; not being able to comfort and make it right. 

Spiritual connection/voice of God:  Very intuitive in their relationship with God; often not able to explain what they are sensing but do have a sensing of His Spirit and have a basic sense of what He wants that comes out of that sensing.

Relationship characteristics:  Having a sense of close, non-stressed relationship is everything to them; prefer a much more horizontal feel to relationships but are comfortable with a vertical relationship if that is what it takes to live without stress; if the relationship is vertical, they want to be under authority, not in authority; they too have a strong sense of family with key people being special and “in” the family. 

Conflict:  Absolutely dread conflict and will do everything they can to avoid or appease conflict.

Task orientation:  Tend to live more in the world of emotions and thus often are not particularly disciplined toward task accomplishment; if it is important in the scheme of relationship, it becomes important to them; if not important for their relationships, task is of lesser consequence.

Possessions:  Again, possessions that are reminders of relationship or tokens of affection are very important; others have a lesser value.  

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