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The Prophet

Passion: Establishing truth, separating right from wrong, being right, living right, strength and authority manifested, and fervency.

Primary fears: Being wrong, being shown as weak, being disrespected, or being passionless.

Spiritual connection/voice of God: Hearing God is easy; it is almost like hearing another person speak, like hearing a voice; the spirit realm tends to be very real to them whether in visions or voices; they are much more likely to see demonic or angelic activity and are quick to discern the spirits of people; connecting with God is life.


Relationship characteristics: Tend to have only a few close friends; want them to be very loyal and close; must be able to “test” them without them getting offended; relationship to people is secondary to establishing right and wrong; tend to be more comfortable in vertical relationship settings (vertical meaning that there is a ranking of who is in charge and who is under that authority and how and when they are under authority).


Conflict: They value conflict as a means of testing what is real, right, and authoritative; they see conflict as a needed and useful tool; like to have others point out any flaws or weakness in them that need to be corrected.


Task orientation: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right; they can pour themselves excessively into the task or they can just as likely to be caught up more in the spirit realm and be almost oblivious to tasks that need to be done around them; task is important almost solely as it relates to the spirit realm or to pleasing God.

Possessions: As a power personality, possessions can be important as a status symbol (more in the immature or unhealthy prophets); but possessions often have little meaning to the prophet; again possessions take on very different meanings in different situations according to how it impacts the spiritual.

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