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The servant

Passion:  Living life to meet needs; working in this life to produce and to bless others; greatly value appreciation.

Primary fears:  Not being capable to handle life and relationship situations; they fear conflict or tension in relationships; can struggle with a sense of inadequacy in communication and relationship.    

Spiritual connection/voice of God:  Hearing God is difficult especially in any verbal sense; God’s voice is more of an inspiration for better real time living; it is an encouraging presence; there is a sense of being connected with God but is hard to describe or put into words; they often attach God’s moving to tangible activities or things (i.e. Moses’ rod).

Relationship characteristics:  They greatly value the “family” which can consist of true family and close friends but generally struggle with any situation where emotions are being expressed; they want emotions to be intuitively understood and not spoken about; prefer to live more in the world of appreciation; in a way, they like everyone to be more equal in status (horizontal relationships) but actually are more vertical as they like to know their place in the order of things; the fact that they place a high value on respect puts them more in the vertical relationship category—but not too vertical or it becomes uncomfortable for them.  

Conflict:  They despise conflict; they will devise entire systems to minimize and structure all conflict so that any outward display of emotions can be minimized.

Task orientation:  They prefer to work alone; hate to ask others to do anything thinking it will bother them; feel almost a sense of superiority in terms of being able to handle great tasks alone and as such will often go the extra mile but not always in a way that is good.

Possessions:  Tend to be very important to them both in terms of efficiency—tools to do the job, and status—a sign of having been productive and thus successful in life; the physical realm actually takes on a spiritual importance to servants

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