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Should Christians Judge Others?

Should Christians Judge Others Heart Change U Live

In today’s culture, the phrase “good judgment” is considered an oxymoron. This worldly idea is absurd, and the reasoning isn't solid—the opinion that good judgment is an oxymoron is, in itself, a judgment!

The tirade against judgment is actually saying, “I want to be able to do whatever I choose, and you have no right to have any opinion about my choices.”

So, should Christians judge others? Jesus said, “Judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24b, NKJV). In our “judgment free” society, I doubt that you have heard that verse quoted to you, but it is true.

All good outcomes start with good judgment. There is a negative form of judgment that chooses to look down on others instead of coming alongside to help improve the situation. I don't condone negative judgment, but without good judgment, we will continue in a downward spiral.

Good judgment accurately sees spiritual law in such a way that it can predict outcomes and thus make good choices. There is natural law, and there is spiritual law. Gravity is gravity. A person can swear off any belief in gravity, and if he jumps off a very tall building, there still will be consequences.

As a culture, we have coddled selfishness, resulting in a hatred of "judgment." The current blaspheming of “judgment” is nothing more than a demand that the culture approve its selfish lifestyle. Good judgment cannot approve selfishness. This is because good judgment is capable of recognizing the negative consequences of selfishness. We are seeing those negative outcomes at every level of society today because we have approved of what is evil. 

Should Christians judge others?

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